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Rectangle Sorority Ring


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Rectangle Sorority Ring Rectangle Sorority Ring Rectangle Sorority Ring
Rectangle Sorority Ring

The bling ring. Accompany your new mani with the trendiest ring in sorority fashion, The Sorority Ring. The 1/8” wide and ½” rectangular brass charm is hand stamped with your sorority’s letters and sits simply on a sterling silver wire band. The perfect gift for your big, little, or sorority sis since it’s the perfect way to subtly rep your sorority letters while still rocking stylish jewels.

Single orders ship within 7 business days. Bulk orders take 2-3 weeks. They are handmade, afterall! Email [email protected] for bulk order inquiries.

 Item shown is an example of Kappa Delta's letters. Your order will be hand stamped with your sorority's letters!
Material Brass charm, silver filled wire. Nickel free. Charm: ½” & Wire: Available in sizes 5, 6, and 7.
Care All jewelry naturally tarnishes when exposed to air and other elements. Other factors such as skin type, lotions, exposure to other tarnished jewelry, etc. can also aid in the process. To prevent and/or remove any tarnish, use any jewelry cleaning cloth t
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  •  Designs by Carmen LeFleur
  • Simple and chic is the way to go and this is definitely simple and chic
  • The charm is the perfect size – not too big and not too small!
  • It’s a great way to rep your sorority letters
  • Stamped by hand - not a machine.
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