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Mini String Light Set


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Out of stock

Mini String Light Set Mini String Light Set Mini String Light Set Mini String Light Set Mini String Light Set Mini String Light Set
Mini String Light Set

Oh holy chic. At 106 inches long, this mini string light set is a perfect way to add event more design to your room. With approx 8.5 feet of lights, you can wrap this around your headboard, mirror, lamp or bulletin board to a soft ambience to your space. 20 clear bulbs, 4 inches apart, spread across a dark green cord and certainly add a festive glow any time of the year.  With 32 inches of lead wire, between the plug and the first bulb, you have the flexibility to plug and decorate.

The lights are steady white light, however, if you swap one light with the “flasher” bulb attached, entire set will twinkle.

 IMPORTANT: Read back of box for safety tips before use. If a bulb in the set does not light, gently tap. Comes with one flasher and one replacement bulb. 


20 clear bulbs on bendable green covered wire. Plug on one end only. 

Care Wipe clean
Size/Dimensions 106 inches long. 20 clear bulb.
  • Small enough to use to decorate an object in your room - so you aren't left with a coil of lights on the ground.
  • Brings so much life to your space!
  • Lights can be steady or can flash – so fun to be able to switch it up! 
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