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Marquee Light


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Marquee Light Marquee Light
Marquee Light

Your name in lights. Work in whimsical accents to your space with these charming Marquee lights. Display your initial or letter that represents you to inspire your space with a little bit of character. Hang your light a wall or prop it up on a shelf for a uniquely styled look. Collect multiple letters to complete your initials or spell out a word.

2xAA Battery powered (not included). On/off switch. 

Approximately 1 foot tall. Sizes depend on each letter.

A - 9"x7"x2"

C - 9"x6"x2"

J - 9"x6"x2"

K - 9"x6"x2"

L - 9"x6"x2"

M - 9"x6"x2"

R - 9"x6"x2"

S - 9"x6"x2"

Star - 11"x11"x2"

Hashtag -11.5"x8.5"x2"

Material No
Care No
Size/Dimensions sizes depend on each letter
  • Marquee lights are so in when it comes to home decor, and we don’t see this trend going anywhere soon!
  • The white neutral background makes it easy to match these to any color scheme.

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