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Long String Light Set


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Long String Light Set Long String Light Set Long String Light Set
Long String Light Set

Starry nights. 27 feet of ambiance, this long string light set has 50 lights strung across a white slightly bendable wire. Drape this across your wall, wrap your bed posts, or get creative and come up with an orientation of your own. And, with a a plug on one side, and outlet on the other, you can connect multiple string lights together to create an even longer strand. No matter how you hang your lights, your space will surely shine.

The lights are steady white light, however, if you swap one light with the “flasher” bulb attached, entire set will twinkle.

IMPORTANT: Read back of box for safety tips before use. If a bulb in the set does not light, gently tap. Comes with one flasher and one replacement bulb. 

Indoor and outdoor use 


50 clear bulbs on slightly bendable wire covered lead wire. Plugs on both ends allowing you to connect two sets.

Care Wipe clean
Size/Dimensions 27 feet. 36 inches lead wire. 6 inch spacing between each bulb.
  • Big enough to use to decorate a big portion of your room!
  • Brings so much life to your space.
  • The white wire blends in with any décor. 

Command™ Party Light Clips

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