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HoodiePillow - Fire Red


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HoodiePillow - Fire Red HoodiePillow - Fire Red HoodiePillow - Fire Red HoodiePillow - Fire Red HoodiePillow - Fire Red
HoodiePillow - Fire Red

Throw on your hoodie...pillow. Stay warm, get cozy, and block out the day's noise with this hooded pillow case made of the comfiest sweatshirt material. Study, sleep, read, or relax while resting your head and giving yourself some uninterrupted privacy. It doesn't end there, with a pocket to hold your phone or ipod with a headphone portal that heads straight into the hood for direct access to easy listening, you can chat on your phone or listen to music. Featured on ABC reality show Shark Tank , this hooded pillow case provides untimate cocoonification™, so when you need your privacy just put your hood up and go (relax)!


Cotton and polyester blend 80/20

Care Machine washable tumble dry low
Size/Dimensions 20 x 32, fits standard pillow

-       Perfect gift for your friend who likes to rest in privacy!

-       Patented design makes this a totally unique product

-       Super soft and yummy sweatshirt material

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