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Gradient Washi Tape


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Gradient Washi Tape Gradient Washi Tape
Gradient Washi Tape

Fruity by the foot. Add a little color to your space with this cool set of multicolored ombre washi tape. With three rolls of this cute and colorful pattern, you’ll want to use this tape all over your room. Create a cool washi tape border around your posters for a unique framing solution or adorn the edges of a set of drawers, a lamp, or chair for some extra flare. Sturdy, but easy to reposition, this washi tape is damage-free.


The material is washi paper with adhesive.  Easy to tear by hand. Easy to write on.

Made in Japan.  

Care No
Size/Dimensions 15mm x 10m (0.6" x 33') each.
  • There are so many uses - from decorating your notes, sealing envelopes, framing your prints, or creating cool designs on your furniture there’s always a cool way to use washi tape!
  • The tape is semi-transparent so it looks really cool on clear objects like jars and vases, and even can be used as highlighter, and you can write on top of it - hello pretty lecture notes!
  • Doesn’t cause any damage, easy to remove.
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