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Exam Study Kit


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Exam Study Kit

Get their butt in gear…or into the library!Sleeping through too many 8 AMs after weeks of back to school parties? Finding the hot frat boy sitting in the back of the lecture much more interesting than the lecture itself? More time spent on how to utilize this week’s trendy hashtag on twitter than on a paper that was due yesterday? Sound like someone you know? Get their butt in gear and make their study-life easier with this kit. And let them know that those wild mixers will still be there after the exam. Trust us.

Kit Includes:

  • Need Coffee Pen, Eco - Friendly, 7 year Ink Supply

  • Individual 100% Organic Black Tea Bag. Contains about 50% of the caffeine in a cup of coffee.

  • Not Your Average Index Cards

  • Bamboo Fiber Mug. Hot & cold beverages, food safe, dishwasher safe. 14 oz, 4.5" high, 3" diameter. Comes with silicone lid.

  • Tension & Stress Shower Burst. Place in the shower and let the indirect spray activate the aromatherapy experience. Made of 100% essential oils, nothing artificial.

  • Secret Notes Notebook to store your study guide notes.

  • Zone out in a pair of Universal Fashion Headphones

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