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Don't You Look Lovely Print - Teal Deal - 16x20


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Don't You Look Lovely Print - Teal Deal - 16x20
Dormify has partnered with WeStopHate to help end bullying by raising self-esteem in teens. This series of posters is designed to help remind you how awesome you truly are. 50% of the proceeds of this poster goes towards WeStopHate's campaign to raise self-esteem in teens with the goal of ultimately putting an end to bullying and the lifelong, painful consequences each bullied victim suffers – which in turn creates a better world for us all. 

This retro poster design not only reminds you how lovely you look everyday but it also sends the message that it is okay to tell yourself how lovely you are! S
ometimes we all need to be told we're worth it - and what better person to tell you that you're worth it than yourself? 
  • 80lb cream colored cover stock
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80lb cream colored cover stock

WeStopHate is an organization founded by the incredible 18-year old, Emily-Anne Rigal. WeStopHate is more than just an anti-bullying program... it's a call-to-action to stop hate: stop hating on yourself, stop hating on others, stop letting others hate on you. Because teens who are happy with themselves won't put others down. How can you argue with that? 

We love the tone of voice of this poster. Telling yourself how lovely you look? Right on!
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