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Command™ Decor Chalkboard


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Command™ Decor Chalkboard Command™ Decor Chalkboard
Command™ Decor Chalkboard

Welcome to damage-free decorating. The days of blank walls or high-commitment decorations are gone forever. With Command™ Décor, you have complete freedom to dial in your space and create your own look, without leaving behind so much as a nail hole in your wall. Simply position the base on the wall using a built-in level and one Command™ Décor Strip. Press firmly and add your chalkboard front. You’re ready to go.

  • Chalk not included.
  • Damage-free wall Décor
  • No tools required means no nail hole. There’s even a built-in level.
  • Built-in magnet lets you easily switch Command Décor fronts
  • Hang. Change. Rearrange.
  • Works on a variety of surfaces
  • 12.54" X 12.54" X 1.018 "‎
  • Put it above your desk and write an inspiring quote!
  • Perfect for your “to do” list
  • Pair with a Command™ Clear Caddy to hold your chalk and eraser!

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