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Boskke Self Watering Cube Planter


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Out of stock

Boskke Self Watering Cube Planter Boskke Self Watering Cube Planter Boskke Self Watering Cube Planter
Boskke Self Watering Cube Planter

Planting for dummies. Not only did Boskee create a product with small spaces in mind, but also twenty-somethings.  Thanks to an integrated reservoir and Slo-Flo watering system, that keeps your plants healthy but not perilously over-hydrated, you only have to water your plant once a month, literally! The clear planter allows you to see the water, soil, and the roots of your plant and there is no guess-work required regarding your plants water levels.

Haven’t you ever heard that it is important to have something living in your space. Now you can. And this time it will actually live!

Material No
Care Wash by hand with dishsoap, windex, or any other cleaning agent appropriate for plastic. Use filtered water only.
Size/Dimensions 4.6” length, 4.6” width, 4.44” height

-       The design makes this planter seem super high end

-       It’s literally like “plants for dummies”

-       Really makes an awesome gift.

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