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Black Washi Tape - Set Of Three


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Black Washi Tape - Set Of Three Black Washi Tape - Set Of Three Black Washi Tape - Set Of Three
Black Washi Tape - Set Of Three

LBD - little black decor. Add a little contrast to your space with this cool set of black washi tape. With three rolls to work with, you’ll want to use this tape all over your room. Create a cool washi tape border around your posters for a unique framing solution or adorn the edges of a set of drawers, a lamp, or chair for some extra flare. Sturdy, but easy to reposition, this washi tape is damage-free.


The material is washi paper with adhesive.  Easy to tear by hand. Easy to write on.

Made in Japan.  

Care No
Size/Dimensions 15mm x 10m (0.6" x 33') each.
  • There are so many uses - from decorating your notes, sealing envelopes, framing your prints, or creating cool designs on your furniture there’s always a cool way to use washi tape!
  • Doesn’t cause any damage, easy to remove.
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